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Eastern Sussex Fire Prevention Awards
Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Sussex County Firefighters Association moved forward with its Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Contest even with the challenges of Covid. With the first awards program taking place on March 21st hosted by the Millsboro Fire Company for students from schools on the western and central sides of the County. On March 28th a second program took place recognizing children that attended schools on the eastern corridor of the county. Hosted by the Milton Fire Department about 40 people were in attendance as children received their plaques and a social time took place after the awards were presented. Pictured: Front row, Blake Mast, Adalyn Gallager, Jeremiah McBride, Hazel Decker, Richard Musser, Lila Vavala, Emma Sheerer, Emily Hilton. Back Row: Cali Bifano, Jonah Burkle, Mason Furman, Maggie Mintes, Asher Richards

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