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SCVFA Honors Poster & Essay Contest Winners
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
The Sussex County Firefighters Association, at their November meeting, honored this year’s winners of their Fire Prevention Poster & Essay Contest. Hosted by the Laurel Fire Dept. over two hundred people were in attendance. Open to all school children within the State, children are assigned a Fire Prevention Topic in accordance with their Grade. Children from Kindergarten through the 3rd grade prepare a Poster expressing Fire Prevention Tips on that given topic. Students in Grades 4 through 8 prepare an Essay (not exceeding 300 words) on their assigned topic. Child School Fire Dept. Kindergarten: - Identify Things in the Home that will Burn You 3rd Place Khalil Miles Phillip Showell Selbyville/Roxana 2nd Place Savannah Montizer Milton Elem. Milton 1st Place Emily Morris Epworth Christian Laurel 1st Grade: - What Would You Do if Your Clothes Caught on Fire 3rd Place Colt Carley Lord Baltimore Bethany/Millville 2nd Place Claire Denham John M. Clayton Frankford 1st Place Kennedy Littleton Lighthouse Christian Dagsboro 2nd Grade - Identify Things in the Home that will Burn You 3rd Place Evageline Hoban Lord Baltimore Bethany/Millville 2nd Place Skylar Richards Phillip Showell Selbyville/Roxana 1st Place Colton Brennan North Laurel Laurel 3rd Grade - Develop a Home Fire Escape Plan 3rd Place Finley Mack Love Creek Elem. Lewes 2nd Place Allison Cruz-Delgado Rehoboth Elem. Rehoboth Beach 1st Place Matthew Heacook Delmarva Christian Milton Special Posters - Identify Things in the Home that will Burn You 3rd Place Evelynn Mancilla-Torres Shelds Elem Lewes 2nd Place Adela Candoval Martin Woodbridge Middle Bridgeville 1st Place Alyson Adams Seaford Middle Seaford Special Essays - Identify Things in the Home that will Burn You 3rd Place Brody Carpenito Rehoboth Elem. Rehoboth Beach 2nd Place Aiden Wiseniewski Lord Baltimore Bethany/Millville 1st Place Staqhuan Clanton Woodbridge M.S. Bridgeville 4th Grade - Dangers of Matches, Lighters and Smoking Materials 3rd Place Somer Layton Epworth Christian Laurel 2nd Place Carolyn Reese Greenwood Mennonite Greenwood 1st Place Alison Swartz S.D. School of the Arts Selbyville/Roxana 5th Grade - Fire Safety In the Kitchen 3rd Place Kiarra Weston-Bagwell Fredrick Douglass Seaford 2nd Place Paola Rodriguez-Herrer H.O. Brittingham Milton 1st Place Sophia Ferris Lighthouse Christian Dagsboro 6th Grade - Outdoor Fire Safety 3rd Place Caleb Rogers Lighthouse Christian Dagsboro 2nd Place Emily Peterson Woodbridge M.S. Bridgeville 1st Place Samuel J.H. Winston Winston Learning Greenwood 7th Grade - My Responsibilities in the Event of a Fire Caring for Others 3rd Place Kaitlyn Johnson Selbyville M.S. Selbyville/Roxana 2nd Place Sophia Littleton Seaford M.S. Seaford 1st Place Allison Swartentruber Greenwood Mennonite Greenwood 8th Grade - How to Escape a Fire in a Building Other Than Your Home 3rd Place Kristen Hardy Mariner M.S. Milton 2nd Place Madison James Epworth Christian Laurel 1st Place Devan Byler Greenwood Mennonite Greenwood

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